Since we announced the project, we have received a great many enquiries from people wanting to get involved. Some people already have work out there that is similar in idea to Electricomics in some way, so I thought it might be interesting to put them all up here in one place. I really like aspects of all of them, and I am so glad we have a chance to discuss this kind of thing. If you know of other projects that would fit here too, please send them in using our contact page, or tweet them at us, and we can look at them too.

Man and Guy by Stefan Van Dinther is a great look at story structure in digital comics and explores territory close to that of our own Daniel Goodbrey.Blue Donut Studios are already using limited animation on their storyboarding work, showing that this kind of software has more applications than just comics people making comics. Halftone 2 is a comic creation app which seems to have a lot of great features, and looks really fun to use. Murat is a fantastic project from the Czech Republic by Ondrej Novak & Vojtech Seda and Motiv collective ( I really enjoyed the page view, and the cumulative effect of the moving elements becomes quite hypnotic. I am really impressed by how much of a traditional comic layout they have retained, but also by how much they have crammed in.Lastly there is a academic piece from 2011, “The visual novel medium proves its worth on the battlefield of narrative arts By Alex Mui which is a really interesting look at The Visual Novel.

We’re very lucky to have so many people talking to us, and joining in with the project.

Hopefully this process will become more direct once we have our community area up and running, but until then, please continue to Like, Follow and get in touch, and add your own voice to the discussion!

Leah Moore