To everyone who has already downloaded our app, and everyone who has spread the word about it, thank you so much! We need your support and your ideas and opinions for this to progress beyond what you have seen already, so dont go anywhere, please!

I have put up an FAQ page which hopefully answers some of the queries we have had coming in on social media and email since we launched. If you want to ask more, please comment, and I will do my best to answer them!

We have had some excellent coverage this week already; first The Guardian, who gave us a great write up,



Then Wired published the first in a series of pieces they are doing on the project.

And then I spent a happy hour or so in the Skype-company of the Awesome Comic Podcast chaps, who were excellent hosts. The whole thing is up now via (thanks to John Freeman for setting it all up!)


As well as the coverage, there have been updates from Pixelatl, the digital media festival in Cuernavaca Mexico, which boasts a boggling amount of talent in animation, illustration, comics, screen writing. the list goes on and on, and includes Electricomics.

Myself and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey will be off there this Wednesday. On Thursday at 16:30 we are doing a jury session with the comics finalists, and then on Friday at 18:00 we are doing an Electricomics Masterclass, which will be a run through all of digital comics, and then all of our project. Apart from that we will be trying to go see some of the other guests do their talks.



I am going to try not to go totally fan girl at John Andrews but I can’t make any promises… AEON FLUX YOU GUYS!!!!


Ocasta Studios Mobile and Tablet App Development


As well as all that, and all thanks to Ocasta we have the Creator Tool (coming SOON), a new look for the website (coming SOON too) and the Open Source code for you to ogle and hack about with (coming SOON as well) I am putting the last final finishing touches to the Final Report for NESTA, and then I am going to hand in Milestone 6. Wish me luck!