We wanted to set some challenges for those of you wanting to make an Electricomic, so we can begin to see what this Generator is really capable of.

I know creators have no time, so it can be as small and scrappy as you like, just a handful of doodles strung together, or as grandiose as you want to make it. Whatever works for you!

The first Electricomics Challenge is nice and easy

A Bedtime Story for HALLOWEEN!

We realised that all our Electricomics are a bit grim and adult, which is great, and fun, and what we all want, except I want to show off this App to my five and three year olds, and I have no content to do that!

01. Make a fun spooky Halloween comic I can let my kids tap their way through on October 31st! 

  • If you need a collaborator or want to offer to collaborate with someone else, just use #makingelectricomics and see if there is a match.
  • Host it somewhere that people can get the URL directly.
  • Post the URL on twitter or in the comments below this post, or on our Facebook, so I can find them all easily.
  • make sure you hashtag them #ElectricomicsChallenge01 so everyone can find them.
  • You have thirty days to do this thing.

We will be reading all of them we can find, and the team will pick out some favourites. This doesn’t mean ‘most finished’ it might be the most innovative use of the tech, or the best story idea, or just the one that made us all laugh.

All comics I can find will be linked to on our site.

The best ones will get featured on our site and linked to like crazy.

Aaaaaand if they are really really good I will dig out prizes to send you. I may even bother my Big Hairy Dad for some. Yup.

That all sound good? Yes? Then get going!

– Leah


For info on how to install the Generator and how to get started with making a comic, see Tim West’s excellent How-To’s:




To see  what is possible using the  Generator copy/paste these URL’s into the Download screen of the Electricomics App, and grow your library in the process: