It is November, it is dark and rainy, and we are all staring down the barrel of six months of this before we get the tiniest glimmer of sunshine on our vitamin D deprived epidermis.

There is one morsel of hope in this wet and frankly unpleasant half of the year, one tiny fleck of gold glinting in the darkness. A time of joy and laughter, where even the most hardened cynic wipes a tear from misty eyes. A time of revelry, and drunken foolishness, a time of round bellies and beards. Toys! Comics! Lanyards!



The Electricomics Team will be stationed at Table 35, and what a team we have!

Mitch Jenkins, Leah Moore, John Reppion, Pete Hogan, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Giulia Alfonsi and Sean Gannon will all be there, so please come and find us, and talk to us, and have a go with our comics. If you have not seen them yet, they are quite good, and we are very proud of them.

If you have seen them, come and tell us what you thought, tell us what bits worked and didn’t work, and what we should do next.

Also. we are amassing a collection of other people’s Electricomics now, so come and read some of those. they are amazing, and really doing things we hadn’t expected.

Leah and John have the very great honour of being on the 2000AD panel, which will be fun, and full of laughs, because Tharg wishes it. Who are we to disappoint the big green guy?

Saturday 14th 16.10-17.00 in the Newsroom.

The whole Electricomics Team assembles to talk about the year that has whizzed past since we stood up and told you our plans. Come and find out what worked and what didn’t, and what we plan for the future.

Sunday 15th 11.10-12.00 in the Newsroom.