When I set this challenge, I was worried. I have to say. I thought there might just be tumble weeds in response, and chirping crickets, but no! You came through for me, and actually made some amazing Electricomics.

I am going to feature them all in this post, and then send the winner an awesome thing signed by Alan Moore (who has promised me a box of such things to give away in future challenges!) and the two runners up a smaller but also awesome thing.

All comics will go into our Library page, for everyone to enjoy, and all will get tweeted using  #electricomicschallenge01 so folks can find them. I know the hashtag is too long. I’ll shorten the next one I promise.

If you do not have our app on your ipad, go to tinyurl.com/electricomicsiPadapp
and get it now, and then tap the menu in the top left, and the little download button. if you put in these URL’s the comics load and you can read them, keep them, and impress your friends with them.

Everyone who entered the challenge did something new and different with the Generator, and there was something to take from it. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!


Pure Blood by Stefano Cardoselli and Tzvi Lebetkin. @BiblicalComix

Definitely not all ages, so dont sit down with the kids with this one, but a really fast paced and action packed read. I particularly liked how it uses the tap to progress nature of the Generator to great effect. The reader feels in control of the pace because they can tap as fast as they want. I think there is something interesting in that, that replaces the turning of a page as a feeling of being in control. Also really really loved how the lettering worked. This is a great example of a digital comic doing something that paper really can’t and that cinema couldn’t do either. Proper hybrid medium stuff. Good work chaps!

The Tower of Man

Written and Drawn by Tzvi Lebetkin. @BiblicalComix

Again not All Ages but again a great use of the Generator. The pages build up in elegant ways, and the tap to progress panel delivery means the pacing is tightly controlled and the shocks and surprises are really done well. I especially liked the last sequence which almost feels like animation, but isnt. Something I would not have thought to do with it. Great stuff Tzvi!




By Ed Moore @mooreej

Once I got over my initial disappointment that this wasn’t a Lionel Richie tribute Halloween digital comic (Iknorite?), I did enjoy this. It’s a very simple idea, which uses almost no assets to creepy effect. The story is told by the balloons instead of being seen, so your mind fills in the blanks. The pacing works, and there’s a great surprise ending. Not all ages, but an achievable example of how much you can do with very little. Good stuff!

Frankenstein For Kids

By Philip Hunt

This really is All Ages, and lets you sit down and show your kid a very short simple version of the first Gothic Novel, in an accessible style. The tap to progress delivery means the characters faces come alive (or should that be ALIVE!) and the whole thing is really pleasing and fun. I can see this being popular with my kids (i will show them and report back) and I can see a longer version being really popular. A Reduced Shakespeare Company approach to digital comics of the classics.



Sleep Well

By Dave Crane @davecrane

Again, totally All Ages, and totally Halloween. This is another entry that uses a very limited number of assets to create a fun slapstick comic that is really charming and entertaining, and yet incredibly simple.  I really like the way he has made a single large image and then reused it in the later panels. I think this could be a useful approach for somebody doing a regular web comic, to save time on the backgrounds. The real fun of this comic is the way the characters progress around the house in their odd disjointed bumbling way. I’ll definitely be reading this one with my kids!


By @troyshypnoskull

This was a very late entry but one I am really glad to see. The creator called it scrappy, but I would say its just in progress. I really like the world he is creating, and I like the adventure and fantasy of it. I hope he keeps working on it, and shares the results. I’d love to see them. A great example of somebody sitting and drawing it up, putting it together, and we can all see the result straight away. I can imagine a future version where the initial drawings were available as a layer of the page, like a DVD extra.




By Shayna Marie Pond @h3lvetica

This is one of my favourites. It fits the brief perfectly, and the art style and the story are so funny and cool. I really liked the changes of expression on the people, and the slight animation of the flowers, and I really liked his socks.  Great use of the Generator, and a really sweet message. Can’t wait to show this one to my kids.

A * is for Asterion

By Tompte

This is a really challenging read. It is just about all ages, in that small kids might not follow the meaning but I think they would enjoy the rhythm of it, and the journey through the comic. For anybody else, its an utter joy to read, an inventive and really immersive experience that uses every part of the page, the mythology and your brain at once. The use of text is incredibly good, and the art blends flat art, 3D modelling, and photo ref totally fluidly. The story has surprises, the narrative is also a poem, and its a great great example of a digital comic. I shall be reading it over and over I think.


Okay, so I need to pick a winner.

First Prize goes to Monster, by Shayna Marie Pond, because her comic fitted the brief so well, and used the Generator beautifully, and was a really sweet Halloween story for kids.

First runner up is Sleep Well, by Dave Crane, because its very lively, and funny, and i love the characters. they have real presence.

Second Runner up was really hard, because I liked all of the rest so much, but in the end I chose A * is for Asterion by Tompte. I think kids would still enjoy it, if it was read to them, and I think the whole thing just sings. Pure quality.

To everyone who wasn’t picked, I really enjoyed reading all the entries, and I hope you will enter the next challenge, which I shall announce very soon. Thanks so much everyone.