Did you spot him? Yes? It wasn’t hard was it.

Young Alan Moore at the tender age of 17, only days before he was expelled from Northampton Grammar School for boys. His teachers even wrote to the local colleges to warn them in case he tried to enrol.

Nothing going for him except his 11+.

Would you disappoint that young man? Would you let him down in some way? Of course not.

You’d be seeing those eyes in your dreams.

Of course we all know that this was possibly the best thing that ever happened to him, as it forced him to write for a living, and become the man he is today.

He didn’t keep much from his school days, only a deep mistrust of authority and those eyes…

So of course you are free to go about your business, but you could also make an Electricomic.

This is the second Electricomics Challenge, and this time I asked uneducatable malcontent Alan Moore what he wanted the challenge to be.

He was happy to oblige.

“If the challenge leads up to the New Year, then lets ask people to make comics that speculate on 2016. A lot of things might happen in 2016, so lets ask people to make comics about their hopes and wishes for the year.”

So what do you reckon? You up for that? I mean, we’re not forcing you to. We’re just suggesting it as a possible course of action.

First you need to download our Generator which you can do so at http://github.com/electricomics/generator

Then you install it, and Tim West’s step by step guide shows you how to do that:

How to make an Electricomic – Part One.

How to make an Electricomic – Part Two.

When its done, host it somewhere public like your own web space or the public folder of your Dropbox account. Then post the direct link on the comments below, or tweet it at me, or facebook it to me, whatever you prefer. If you like you can use #ElectricomicsChallenge02 or you might find that hashtag really massive and cumbersome.

The challenge will close on New years eve, and judging will take place New Years Day hangovers permitting.

We are all really looking forward to what you make, and how you choose to use the Generator.

This is not least because by the time your comics are all done and in, they will not only be able to be read in our iPad app, there will also be a BRAND NEW WEB READER which will let anybody read all the comics so far, ours and yours , in their browser, on their PC or tablet, or phone or watch or whatever they want.

The comics will not be optimised for those devices, but there will at least be a WEB READER!

Hopefully this will be an extra incentive to have a go at the challenge, because then everybody will be able to read your comics, not just iPad owners.