S James Abbott was already known to us here at Electricomics as he gave a paper at The Comic Electric, the digital comic symposium we curated back in October. His paper on whether or not comics needed motion and sound was excellent, and well received, so when he said he was going to make an Electricomic for the first Electricomics Challenge, we were really excited.

He was as good as his word, and we were not disappointed.

Get the comic now for free by copy pasting the link into the download page of the app.

Follow James Abbott on twitter: @SJamesAbbott

If you do not already have the app you can get it for ipad here:

If you do not have an iPad, then Ocasta have made a web reader which will allow you to view it on the web.

You can get it here:

They are currently working on making it easier to use, so watch this space for developments, and of course the code is open source, so you can get it and help improve it, just like the Generator.