This is two weeks late, but we did really need an archive post for all of this, especially if you didn’t manage to connect on the day. We were limited to numbers by bandwidth issues so apologies if it wouldn’t let you on.

Everything is on here in some form, all the footage, the tweets, and the slides courtesy of Dr Matt Finch, who took pictures of them all. We have asked contributors to send us their slides, so we can put them up here, so watch this space.

There is a full YouTube archive of the whole day, from start to finish which was thanks entirely to Jayms Wisdom, who sat and filmed and chatted to people on the stream, and helped them with issues, all the while sorting the mic levels, and at times working on his own paper (he was on last). the man was a legend.

Storify of the day, courtesy of Dr Matt Finch.

Twitter stream from the day.