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This is a Beta version,  so if you spot any bugs, can you please report them via our Contact page.

If you don’t find any bugs and just want to tell us you love it, please tell @ocastastudios and especially @electric_g as she built it.

Giulia started it while waiting for her train home from Thought Bubble in November, after being inspired by all the comic creators and fans she had met over the weekend. So thanks to you all for inspiring her, and for supporting Electricomics. We look forward to seeing what you do with it!

Electricomics Generator Challenge #2

If you want to try out the Generator, why not have a go at our second challenge? Comics are a uniquely accessible, immediate form, and lend themselves to expressing ideas that are complex and emtionally charged.

With that in mind, we want you to make comics that express your hopes and wishes for 2016.

Download the Generator, and make something really special, host it yourself on a public dropbox folder or your own webspace, and tweet the link @electricomics with #ECChallenge2 to make sure I find them all.

Winners will have their work featured here, and will get a small thing signed by Alan Moore.

All entries will be listed in the library, and will be available via the iPad app, and the new Desktop Reader.

All entries must be in by New Years Eve, and I will announce the winner and runners up on New Years day or possibly the day after, hangover permitting.

In other news…

We are looking into new funding right now, with a few different options being pursued, so the new year should be exciting for Electricomics, whichever way things go.

We are still pushing ahead with an Android version for tablets as soon as we possibly can. News on that as we have it, but hopefully the desktop version will mean everyone can finally read the comics.

Electricomics’ own Peter Hogan has a new fantasy adventure series ‘King’s Road’ coming from Dark Horse in February, art by Phil Winslade and Staz Johnson.