Apologies to all entrants to this challenge, I really hope nobody was holding their breath waiting for the announcement on this one!

I have no excuse, other than all my comics stuff piled up and needed attention, so this got left, for what felt like a moment, and is in fact 25 days.

I am a bad judge, not just of character, but of Electricomics too it seems.

I might ask around and see if i can get some guest judges to help me next time, as it would make the whole thing more fair, and would focus my mind on actually getting it done.

So, all that said, Who is the winner?

This was really really tough, as I said in the last post, the standard was crazily high this time, which meant that instead of just trying to work out which were successes, or which used the Generator well, I had to judge it on which really addressed the brief the best.

The brief was given by Alan Moore:

“If the challenge leads up to the New Year, then lets ask people to make comics that speculate on 2016. A lot of things might happen in 2016, so lets ask people to make comics about their hopes and wishes for the year.”

The two runners up, are only runners up by a fraction.

the first is ‘Darkling Thrush’ by Shayna Pond and Rob Vollmar, which I felt addressed the brief well, and had a simple message, which it told neatly.

To read it yourself copy this link, and paste it in on the download page of the app or the Desktop Reader:


Darkling Thrush


The second runner up is ‘Occupy Thyself’ by Tzvi Lebetkin which uses clean line art and collage in a way that reminded me of Bryan Talbot, and which used the Generator to really enhance the conversational delivery. It also addressed the brief in being a very heartfelt wish for New Year.



So after all that deliberation, which was excruciating in places, the winner is ‘#CharlieHebdomeros’ by @mumblemonkey AKA Tompte. His comic will not load in the iPad app, due to a Json error that Giulia has since been able to find and fix, but I read it in the Desktop Reader no problem. The comic addresses the brief, albeit in an abstract, complex way, that makes your brain work really hard to keep up. The use of the Generator is unbelievable, with the whole page used on every click and the entire comic being a visual feast worthy of numerous revisits. Mr Tompte has upped the stakes with this one. looking forward to where he takes it next.



So what of the other entries? Both of them are excellent, and both could easily have been a runner up or even a winner. Both use gifs to fantastic effect, both tell a story in an innovative way. both are beautiful to look at.

Get Wishes by S James Abbott here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82072894/wishes.elcxproject.elcx

Get Silent Island by Tompte here: https://t.co/ui27iAmHHz

Can all winners please DM me their addresses so i can send out a little prize?

If this has inspired you to make your own Electricomics, please download the Generator for free from http://github.com/electricomics/generator/releases and have a go!

I will announce the next challenge at the end of the month, and hopefully will be quicker at the turnaround! (apologies to my lovely entrants again)

thanks chaps!