I still haven’t sent prizes for the last challenge sorry, for two reasons, one is that the folks who won are mostly the same folks who won last time, so I dont want to send them the same stuff, and the second is I need to shake my dad for some other items of prize-able nature. Unfortunately he is too busy dressing up as a teddy boy and messing about with Mitch Jenkins in old cinemas.

This challenge I wanted to be a little bit different, so rather than a theme for the subject of the comic, I want to set a challenge for the format.

I dont mind what the comic is about, but the title is ‘Keyhole Comics’ so small is beautiful!

I think anything smaller than tablet size would count, but if any of you are feeling really audacious, then some teeny weeny Smart Watch screen size comics would be incredibly impressive.

We have been using iPad size as our standard which is 768×1024 pixels, and this is the default setting on our Generator, so if you open it up, that’s the size it is set to. If you need to resize pre-drawn artwork, then that’s what page size you are dealing with.

What are other sizes then? Well this infographic I yoinked off t’interweb shows the bewildering array of Samsung device sizes:

Here is the Apple Smartwatch (other smartwatches are available)  Here are the last few iPhone sizes

and here is a website which has every phone under the sun and the size of its screen.

It’s clear you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

as Electricomics is currently only available on iPad and desktop, the comics you make will be only viewable on those screens right now, but once we get the phone version going, you’ll be able to be the  first comics we try out.

I want you to think tiny, like Chris Ware tiny, so panel by panel delivery almost certainly, although not obligatory, maybe gifs will be useful, maybe it’ll turn into a semi animated thing? Whatever you make, keep it small, and have fun with it!

The closing date is February 29th so get cracking, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Get the Generator HERE: https://github.com/electricomics/generator/releases for free, on any desktop.

As before, please host the comic yourself on your own webspace, or for example the Public folder of your Dropbox account.

please send me your comics @Electricomics on Facebook and Twitter by the closing date, use the #electricomicschallenge03 or #keyholecomics tags so I can find them and I will judge them as soon after that as I can.