I’m sorry folks, Its been a while since i spoke to you, and no, its not you, its me. I’ve been a lousy penpal,  the worst kind of friend, and frankly I’m disgusted in myself.

First critical piece of news: WE WON TRAINING FUNDING! Its not allowed to be spent on technical development, but we can use it to make sure the business end of Electricomics is as spick and span as we can. We will get legal advice, one to one clinics with digital startup specialists, and financial advice on all the back end stuff that will mean we sink or swim in the long run.

Second thing, is that footage is now up of the London Book Fair panel hosted by Nazeli Kuyregyan of EuropeComics that I did a few weeks ago with Nicolas Lebedet of Izneo.com ,Russell Willis of Sequential and moderated by Paul Gravett. Here is the first part, and there are seven more.

Lastly, my inbox is stuffed to bursting with convention invitations and in most cases I am saying YESYESYES to them. if i can get to you relatively easily, and i am not busy, then I’m there, banging the Electricomics drum, and dancing the Electricomics dance.

Here are the events I have confirmed to appear at, either as myself Leah Moore, or as Electricomics personified. If you live nearby and want to come ask me stuff, sign stuff, or join in the Electricomics dance, please do. I will be demonstrating the comics, and dishing out unwanted advice.

Bradford Literary Festival May 21st-22nd

University of Bradford.


Sat May 21st

11am-12.30 in Re:Centre — ‘Making Digital Comics’ workshop. Leah Moore and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

2pm-3.15 in the Small Hall –‘Breaking Into Comics’ Leah Moore, Alex Bowler and Corinne Pearlman.

Sun May 22nd

2pm-3.15 in the Small Hall — ‘Fan Fiction and New Ways of Writing’ Leah Moore, Taran Matharu and Nik Perring.


Macclesfield POW!

The Old Sunday School (Whitaker Room)

Roe St, Macclesfield, SK116UT

Sat 25th June

10am-4pm schedule TBA


Shrewsbury Fields Forever- Music*Art* Comedy

Quarry Park


Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July

schedule TBA


Birmingham Literary Festival


Saturday 9th October

venues/schedule TBA, but there is a mailing list to get them when they announce.


The Lakes International Comic Art Festival


Friday 14th – Sunday 16th October

Tickets on sale July 1st


Thought Bubble

Leeds Royal Armouries

Saturday 5th- Sunday 6th of November.

Schedule TBA