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Welcome to… Electricomics.

Almost three years ago, Alan Moore had an Idea.

Whilst working with director Mitch Jenkins on The Show, an eerie film and TV concept which seemed to have a life of its own, he imagined the children in the background of a scene reading comics on transparent flexible scrolls called Spindles. The comics, he idly supposed, would be Electricomics and would be yet another facet of the multi-nuanced and multimedia world of The Show.

So far so dull right? Big Idea Man has yet another idea.


Alan Moore ideas have an uncanny habit of inveigling themselves into reality, by fair means or foul, they emerge somewhere and demand to be taken seriously.

Almost a year on, when the small film project had inflated in the manner of an airbag deployed in case of cultural stupor, to become not just one but several films, not just one story but dozens of them woven together into a huge billowing cloud of wonder. It was then, that a colleague of theirs happened to chat to a friend and mention that scrappy little idea, Electricomics.

That was all the chance it needed, and before you could say ‘Hold on is this wise?’ or ‘ Don’t we all have other jobs to do?’ there was a meeting and a pitch and a funding application to the Digital Research & Development fund for the Arts. The path was not straight or quick, but in the end it arrived here, in this website, in this project, before your very eyes.

The team that was assembled then could not be more delighted, and more than a little surprised, to find themselves here and now in this position. They have been charged with the task of producing new comics for the digital age. They must attempt new storytelling techniques, create and use new comic making tools which they must then make freely available to everyone.

This large and somewhat daunting burden will be shared with them by the mighty talents of Leah Moore, John Reppion, Garth Ennis, Nicola Scott, Jose Villarrubia, Pete Hogan, Peter Snejbjerg, Colleen Doran, Paul Davidson, Simon Bowland and Todd Klein. Supporting these fine folk will be the research team of Dr Alison Gazzard from the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey from The University of Hertfordshire.

The stories produced will not only showcase what is possible but also hopefully inspire others to do the same. The Electricomics toolkit will give users the power to create their own Electricomics.
Different, better comics, completely new and fresh in every way.

Ocasta Studios will create the app and open source toolkit over the coming year. Collaboratively with the talented creative team of storytellers, artists and researchers, Ocasta are going to develop this transparently and openly so keep an eye on the Electricomics GitHub.

Right now, as this project launches, Electricomics is still an idea up in the ether, a hope and a plan before it becomes a reality, but like I said, Alan Moore ideas usually find a way to get through.


Coming soon.

21 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. What a brilliant idea. I live in india and I always wondered if Alan Moore would ever read a comic written by me. Now, it might just happen! You cannot even come close to understanding what that means to me. Is it a selfish reason? Sure… Who cares?

  2. Really good idea! I admire Mr Moore’s storytelling and creativity, so im with you people. Keep moving forward, i’m with you!

  3. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this! I have tried a few ideas with my own App, but developing an App is a lot of work, and I am always looking forward to trying new storytelling tools!

  4. This sounds really cool. I’ve tried a few comic-creator tools for electronic books and mostly been disappointed. I’m really looking forward to checking out that toolkit, as well as seeing what this excellent list of creators does with it!

  5. Can’t bloody wait for my kid and her friends to be et loose with an app where they can encompass all of their creative thinking, storytelling and drawing. Brilliant news.

  6. Don’t forget that finishing a comic is only half the work. For unknown artists, promotion is the hardest part. We do need tools to create digital comics, but we also need some kind of platform to help us promote it as best as possible. The best way I have found to promote mine at this time, is to actually print it and sell it at conventions. I might not have this option if I create a comic which will only be readable digitally.

    1. Eric, Electricomics is a Research and Development project using Digital Funding for the Arts, so we have several things we’re contractually obliged to deliver. There’s a 32 page comic which is the ‘pilot’ and is the showcase of what the tools can do. There’s the toolkit itself, which is free and open source so people will be able to use it and modify it if they want. There are also two platforms, a branded platform for us to release a line of comics on, and a free open community platform for people to put their own work up on and talk and promote and work out what they want to do with it. We are really hoping that we can create something that will help people do just what you are saying, produce their own hand stapled minicomic, but digitally, and be able to promote it using the platform. :)

      1. I look forward to seeing what tools you guys come up with. One thing that would empower creators is the ability to easily publish on multiple platforms such as Kindle, iOS and Android. Something that only Amazon has come close to doing by creating a toolkit for comic creators to publish their works with amazon/Kindle store. If adobe created a toolkit for publishing comics they’d be geniuses. I dont just want to create my comics but have the means to get them out in the world of new devices.

  7. Well, that’s a brilliant news! With such talented people on board, I’m looking forward to it. Do you know this Belgian website, where a lot of artists put their work online? http://grandpapier.org/ I have a lot of friends among them, and some English and American cartoonists also put their work for everyone to read. Electricomics could easily be the tool that missed me to enter the image-arena ^^

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