Welcome to Electricomics

“In Electricomics, the world’s oldest narrative art form and youngest technology combine as a uniquely 21st century medium, establishing a thought-through toolkit of open-source effects enabling its audience to create digital comics themselves, bringing their vital ideas to an exciting new mode of entertainment and education.”
– Alan Moore 2015.

Electricomics is a digital comics self-publishing ecosystem, which not only allows you to read high quality experimental digital comics on our iPad App, you can also make your own digital comics using the Electricomics Generator.

It was built by Orphans of the Storm, and Ocasta Studios, and funded by the Digital Research and Development Fund for the Arts. Alison Gazzard and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey oversaw the research, and it was edited and Project Managed by Leah Moore. (For more info see our Team page)

If you are minded to, you can view, save, and edit our source code, which we have put into a Repository on Github and then released under a General Public License. This means you can add to what we have done, and even improve it.

All we ask is that you submit it back to us once you are done.

The purpose of the project is to provide a self contained solution for anybody wanting to make digital comics. This might be a professional comic creator, or an arts organisation or institution wanting to make a new kind of Rich Content for their customers.

Whoever you are, we hope you enjoy Electricomics, and that you talk to us about it over at @electricomics and www.facebook.com/electricomics.