BREXIT WINNERS! Some time ago (quite a long [...]

21st/22nd May – Bradford Literary Festival

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New Phone. Who Dis?

I'm sorry folks, Its been a while since i spoke [...]

Keyhole Comics! Electricomics Challenge 03

  I still haven't sent prizes for the last challenge [...]

Challenge 02. The Winner is…

Apologies to all entrants to this challenge, I really hope [...]

Challenge 02-Read the Entries

I asked you all to produce comics that were your [...]

Best Digital Comics App of 2015?

Alex Thomas over at Pipedream Comics is asking folks which is [...]

Desktop Reader is LIVE!

Download our free, OS Neutral, Electricomics  Desktop Reader [...]

One of these things is not like the others…

Did you spot him? Yes? It wasn't hard was [...]

Featured Electricomic! ‘When you are old’, by W. B. Yeats, adapted by S. James Abbott. S James Abbott was already [...]