Red Horse

When Garth handed his script in, he said we could work out which digital elements to include in it, which was a challenge. We read it and read it, and then when we got the artwork, we thought about it more. In the end, the story didn’t need anything more, and we left it as it was. The only thing we did was make it an infinite canvas comic which scrolls top to bottom. Its a fantastic, and very moving story..

Frank Victoria was the only artist who worked entirely in digital for the project. He painted the rough pages out, and then added to those roughs, meaning the end art lost none of the energy captured in the first stages. The colour was added in the same way, so the lengthy process of producing the comics was shortened for Red Horse. Luckily for us, Frank is as much as World War I enthusiast as Garth is, so we had no worries about incongruous aeroplanes or incorrect hats.

Some process drawings from Frank, because they are stunning and I’d be mean not to.