The project set out to explore how digital technologies can change and enhance a traditional print based medium through the development of an adaptable and easily accessible toolset aimed at practitioners in the wider arts sector.

The project research was carried out through User testing sessions, workshops and surveys, where we canvassed opinion and collected data on what people bought, how they bought it, whether they made comics, and what they would need in order to do that using an Electricomics Creator tool.

Alison Gazzard and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey carried out interviews with the creators involved in the project, about their working methods, and practises, and they helped design the surveys and workshops to collect user and market data.

We are collating all the scripts interviews and write ups from across the project, so once we have them in a readable format we will post them here.

In the meantime, if there is something you wish to see, use the Contact page or ask on Twitter or facebook and we will respond.

Project Page

Digital Comics Research Mailing List

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey set this up after the success of The Comic Electric symposium. Its a simple way to keep everyone interested in the field academically or professionally, in touch with the latest studies and innovations as they happen.

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Final Report

Electricomics: Digital Pages and Rhythms of Reading

Written by Alison Gazzard and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey for The Fifth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference  at The British Library.

Read their paper here.