Nicola received a script which to be honest, even the writers didn’t fully understand. They had plotted it out, and drawn out thumbnails, and typed it, but the time travel Sway technology aspect still tied everyones heads in knots. Nicola rose to the challenge and created eight of the most stunning pages of watercolour wash work. Even in greyscale they are sublime. Add Jose Villarrubia’s colours and the whole thing sings.

Moore & Reppion took this idea, like several others in their career from one of Moore’s strange and compelling dreams. She wakes with these stories emblazoned on her mind like a prophet come to lead the world to glory, and then nine times out of ten, Reppion will point out its all nonsense, and go back to sleep before you wake the children. This time, however, the idea of time being a viscous semi-solid which travellers must lean forward or backward in order to navigate, was not rejected, and made its way into Electricomics. The result is more than either of them could have hoped for.

The comics side of this story would have been nothing without the tech.

The star of the show is the wonderful Sway action, which was written by Giulia Alfonsi at Ocasta. At the Pixelatl festival in Mexico, Dan and Leah demonstrated the comic live on a big screen, and when the figure dropped out of the page, the whole crowd went “OOOOOOHHH!”.

Not wanting to sound too click-bait, but It Gave Me Chills…

Enjoy some process work from Nicola.