Some time ago (quite a long time actually, sorry!) I asked for Electricomics about the Brexit Vote, and how it affected you.

I got three comics submitted and i could not be more pleased with them. They are as different to one another as they could be, and each is a really great comic and a compelling read.

Do you want to read them yourself? Grab the URL’s below and stick them in the ‘import’ bar on your App or desktop reader.

If any of them give you gyp, like trying to download, or view the file, then right click and grab the download link, as that is the one you need to put in.

I have been all round the houses trying to get past the ‘auto download’  function on Googledrive and Dropbox and Mediafire and the like, and the lovely Dave Crane has been helping, and that is what he suggests and it worked!

The only sure way to host it so these things dont crop up is on your own webspace, where you can access the actual URL and not one of the fakey awful shortened evil downloadey ones. not everybody has that, so yeah. We will have to think of a solution!

so, anyway, the entries!

 ‘Non Artist’ by  @emporiumpurgatorio.

This comic seems really simple but it brings up a lot of the things we have all been thinking during the Brexit Vote and the Trump campaign. I like the reduction of Boris and Trump to stickmen, I love the repetition of elements, and I really like how well it tells a really complex and awful situation in a very few lines and words. It’s really succinct and it really works as a comic.

Artist or not, this is an excellent Electricomic!

Eject by Giacomo Schinco

This one was a real surprise to me, i hadn’t expected the format, or the wonderful 80’s pattern and style. I really really love how the words take on greater significance as you are forced to focus on one line at a time.

The song playing in my mind as i read didn’t distract me from the comic, or from the fresh meanings and juxtapositions.

Just like the previous entry, it identifies the rhetoric as the dangerous thing in the Brexit Vote situation. When communication is so easy, and so instant, then the truth can be swiftly concealed behind a pile of nonsensical soundbites.

I love the message, and i love the medium, the colors, the style. its a great piece of work, and i am really glad it was entered.

Brexit Moods by @stepickford

Ste has been in touch a fair bit over the last year, but hadn’t made us a comic until now, and by golly I hope he makes some more!

His style is really clean, and bouncy and easy on the eye, and i think the story describes the experience of many people in the UK on the night of the vote. It very much shows that even though we all still went to work and everything was outwardly the same, it raised a lot of questions for everyone.

On the subject of questions, I like how Ste lets the balloons build up to show the rate of questions fielded, and the air being full of all the talk about it. Great stuff that only a digital comic can do.

The other cool thing is the use of colour. I think a lot of colourists match the colours to the tone of the scene, but this is a really excellent way to do it, and it really adds to the story. Another digital comic storytelling feature!


I was torn on  this one, as I think all three are great and they all answer the brief, and they all use the format well.

In the end, the 80’s cold war feel of Eject won it by a nose. It has a C90 mixtape aesthetic, and it really conjures the darkness and fear of that decade which we all felt so keenly again on the day of the result. I would love to see more from Giacomo.

Ste Pickford and Emporium Purgatorio you are very very worthy runners up, so i am going to send you prizes too.

please email or DM me your addresses so I can send out your goodies, and thank you so so much for participating!