The Generator

What is the Generator?

  • The Generator allows you to make your own Electricomic and read it in the app.
  • You can then share them, and collect those made by other people.

People are discussing the code, and ways to improve it on Twitter, just follow @electricomics or search #makingelectricomics to join in the conversation. The Creator Tool code is Open Source under a General Public License, so if you code, and want to help grow Electricomics , we would love to hear from you

First Steps

Download the Generator form here. Once the Generator is installed, you can begin adding art to your pages.

  • Add steps using the green button at the bottom, add art to these steps as you like.
  • The steps will be navigated in order by tapping the right of the screen.
  • Each step can be a whole page, or a single panel.
  • Pre-existing pages of comics can be easily packaged for reading in the app.
  • Add different elements, background, foreground, titles, lettering and order them as layers using the z axis.
  • When your comic is complete generate the .elcx file
  • Host it somewhere on the web, your own web storage, or the public folder of a Dropbox account, or similar.
  • Share the link however you like, but let people know they must install the Electricomics app to read it.

There are more details at

External References

Tim West at Comicsy has very kindly been posting some How-To’s he made over on

Read the first on how to install the Generator here:  How to make an Electricomic Part One.

Read the second on how to create an Electricomic here: How to make an Electricomic Part Two.

He has also produced an Electricomic:

Copy the URL and paste it into the box on the download screen of the App to read it.2. Dave Crane has blogged his first thoughts here: